Newspaper companies might be closing down, and chocolate might be mass-made, but there's still no sweeter gift than a bouquet.

Flower bouquets are popular gifts because they can be customized to every occasion and improve someone's mood. To ensure your customers are happy, you need to give them enough options, while strengthening your brand. Luckily, the different types of bouquet papers we offer can help.

When it comes to opening your flower shop, you need bouquet accessories for special creations. Take a look below to discover which bouquet papers will benefit your business the most!

Maintain Your Brand's Image

One of the most important things to consider when selecting bouquet paper is your shop's theme. The theme of your business should match your bouquet paper options so you don't veer from your branding.

Whether you like to keep your bouquets simple and let the flowers do the talking, or want to make a statement, our papers will do the job. To unlock money-saving benefits, subscribe to our shop for 10% off!

Most florists have an easy time creating a brand image with their flowers. Much like artwork, bouquets can have a signature look, while still adhering to customer requests. Think about the esthetics and image of your brand when selecting colors, patterns, and materials.

Consider Your Colors

Did you know that branding can increase your revenue?

Many successful companies use colors, fonts, and patterns to establish their brand. Every time a customer walks outside with one of your bouquets, it can market your pieces. With consistency, customers will build trust in your brand and your name will become more memorable.

If you're already using certain colors within your store, they might be a good option to go with for papers. Colors play a large role in branding, as they can evoke emotions and improve recall. Our company offers nearly any color you can imagine in paper, burlap, and metallic sheets.

Simple papers are often made with natural brown paper and clear sleeves. The more options you have in the store, the easier it'll be to meet customer requests.

Prep for the Holidays

No matter what time of year it is, you must always be ready for the next holiday or event. With multiple bouquet paper styles, you can offer more customization for your customers.

More than 25% of annual florist transactions occur around Mother's Day. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays will also create a rise in orders. If you want to increase revenue, you can purchase seasonal patterns and colored papers for your bouquets.

Creating themed bouquets will save time for you and your customers. With holiday bouquets, they can make a quick stop by your shop, without having to plan too far in advance. Use our seasonal patterns for inspiration and wrap them around impressive flowers, greenery, and picks.

Stock up on an Assortment of Sizes

If you want to shop from a reliable company, with plenty of options, The Florist Supply Shop can cover your needs. We offer various shapes and sizes of paper to help you create beautifully unique bouquets.

Many of our wrapping papers, like the Botanica Floral, come in 24" x 24" sizes. These pastel, lace-lookalike wraps come with 100 sheets per case, making for an excellent deal. For long-stem flowers, our 20" x 28" woven sheets are recommended.

Since not all bouquets are made the same, you may want to have Kraft paper for smaller creations. Our Kraft paper comes in sheets of 24"x24” and is useful for all types of arrangements. Not only will you get more versatility with this size, but it's also eco-friendly!

Compare Material Options

As a florist, you will likely be drawn to certain materials, but not all will hold up the same.

Understanding the benefits of our paper options can help you preserve the beauty of your arrangements and prevent issues. Some papers aren't as good at retaining moisture, so you must consider which flowers are going inside.

If your business ships flower bouquets and you want to protect them on the drive, our Kraft Paper is recommended. Multilayer wraps and metallic sheets have a nice appearance and are great for gifts. Our store offers other options as well, like Botanical Floral paper, iridescent sleeves, and burlap sheets.

Since these options can be difficult to imagine, we have uploaded details and photos on our site. Take a look at some of the best of our wrapping solutions!

Think About Your Impact on the Environment

Companies around the globe are making strides to improve the environment, along with their businesses. Going green can be an effective strategy to gain new customers and make an impact on the world.

Many of our wrapping solutions are eco-friendly and won't damage the planet. As a florist, you want to protect the soil and air, and this is a great way of doing it. If you want cello wrap for flowers, look for options that have been recycled.

Check Prices

Local craft stores might have impressive floral sleeves and wraps, but you might not be getting a good deal. Typically, ordering through a wholesale supplies company is the most profitable.

If you need help finding a wholesale floral business for 2024, our team can help you compare options. Knowing about the supply providers and what they offer will impact your business in the long run. Even if you don't offer a style of bouquet right now, you should consider future plans to find the best supplier.

Before you search for the lowest-priced floral wraps, you should consider their quality. If you opt for inexpensive options, they may not retain as much moisture or offer protection.

Impress with the Best Bouquet Paper

Bouquets aren't complete until they've been delicately wrapped in paper or placed in a sleeve. To make an impression, you'll need designs suitable for your brand.

Whether you want to make a bright impression or theme things for the latest holiday, your wraps can help increase revenue. Depending on which bouquet papers and sleeves you keep in stock, they can enhance your bouquets and help people find a meaningful gift.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, you don't want to be left unprepared. If you want to be ready for your customers, take a look at our Mother's Day checklist!

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