Since 1999, Decowraps' main objective has been to supply the floral industry with the most innovative packaging products, focusing mainly on modern retail organizations and their suppliers worldwide. 

Thanks to our affiliated sales and warehouse facilities in Alsmeer, Bogota, Miami, Mississauga, Nevada, Quito and Kenya, we are able to offer prompt service, simplified logistics and competitive pricing. In addition, our affiliated production facilities in Colombia and China fulfill all production needs.

The Florist Supply Shop helps you create a lasting impression, increase sales, and reduce labor with unique solutions that enhance your customers' purchasing experience and improve your supply procurement.

The new collection is complete with elegant wrapping, carry-out, pick, and utility products that effortlessly promote the concept of affordable luxury and drive impulse purchases at the store level through the powers of convenience and messaging. 


Transform a simple bouquet into a stunning arrangement in a matter of seconds with products like the Multilayer Wrap and Assorted Sheet Kits. Make it even more special with personalized or seasonal messages using our picks collection, and facilitate the buying experience with functional carry-out bags and boxes that can comfortably fit several arrangements without the risk of damage.

Turn your floral shop into a functional yet dreamy experience because buying flowers is so much more.

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