Evolving is part of the floristry world. Even very experienced florists can't rest on their laurels if they want to stay current. They're always on top of new trends, discovering new designs, and learning unique methods to make the flower shopping experience surprise and delight customers while creating a seamless workflow behind the scenes. 

Shopping expectations and tendencies have changed as visual appearance also influences consumer shopping habits. 

The rise of quality and creative packaging has impacted brand recognition. Our fast-paced lifestyle has made convenience a driving force in itself, causing emerging business initiatives to elevate the customer experience.

Introducing: The Florist Shop

If there's something we know best, it's flower supplies. 

Since 1999, Decowraps has supplied the floral industry with the most innovative packaging products, focusing mainly on modern retail organizations and their suppliers worldwide, becoming industry leaders in distinctive packaging options for all levels of fresh-cut flowers and potted plants.

We are now proud to announce a line of innovative florist supplies in the heart of Miami, a central floral hub in the U.S., tailored explicitly to floral shop owners: The Florist Shop

Our new brand under the Decowraps umbrella helps florist shop owners streamline their business, create a lasting impression, increase sales, and reduce labor with unique solutions that enhance the purchasing experience and improve the supply procurement at the store level.

Floristry is not just about arranging blooms. Local florists go above and beyond to ensure they provide the best service and quality work, from the hustle and bustle of fulfilling orders to arranging talking point window displays and providing top customer service that cultivates happy and loyal customers. 

It's time Florists Shops get the props they deserve. 

We created a dedicated space entirely for florist shop owners. Long hours, hard physical labor, and surviving peak holiday seasons are behind hand-designed arrangements, timely deliveries, and head-turning events. At the end of the day, every splinter and early mornings are worth it when you see the joy that fresh and beautiful flowers bring to people.

Floral Solutions

The rise of quality packaging is as important as the product itself. It's the first thing the customer notices. Be it an impulse buyer or a conscious buyer, packaging plays an essential role in any purchase decision-making process. 

The new collection is complete with elegant wrapping, carry-out, pick, and utility products that effortlessly promote the concept of affordable luxury and drive impulse purchases at the store level through the powers of convenience and messaging. 

Our floral solutions help the entire floral team feel confident in their processes to work their magic and keep customers happy every time. 

All our products are designed with appearance, personalization, and convenience in mind while offering innovative ways to save time and effort in day-to-day tasks. 

What Does This Mean for Floral Shops?

  • Increased product value
  • Higher customer retention
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Innovative and personalized offers
  • Convenient processes that facilitate the selling flow

The Florist Shop is a new approach to florist supplies through innovation, ease of use, and reduced costs while adding fun and creativity to your floral shop. 

The Florist Shop is also an active supporter of the thriving floral community associated with the Society of American Florists (SAF) and The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). Both organizations play key roles as industry leaders in the future and operational effectiveness of the floral industry.  

Explore Our New Collections 

Discover the essentials that will completely change the way you operate, improving your store's efficiency, minimizing waste, and elevating the presentation of all your products.


Explore a new way to transport flowers, emphasizing the power of convenience, perceived value, and impulse purchases.  


Elevate the presentation of your floral arrangements, ideal for special occasions or just because moments, and create something previously unimagined.


Add personality and decorate your store or any floral arrangement with the right amount of flair, using the finishing touch for all seasons and occasions. 

Store Supplies 

Simplify your workload using specifically designed accessories and supplies that tackle the hard-to-organize items and ensure a visit to your store that flows. 

Our goal is to enhance your customer's experience and make your business more successful, so everyone that walks into your flower shop leaves with a new friend or two. 

Welcome to The Florist Shop. 

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