Bouquet Wrapping Paper

Bouquet Wrapping Paper

Elevate your handheld bouquets with our premium collection of bouquet wrapping paper. From florist paper wraps to preformed bouquet sleeves, The Florist Supply Shop offers a wide range of solutions to make your floral arrangements pop, and your business thrive. Explore the collection now. 

Carry-Out Solutions

Carry-Out Solutions

Explore carry-out solutions that present a new way to transport flowers. Emphasize the power of convenience, drive impulse purchases, and add perceived value to your blooms with these on-trend bags & boxes.

Clear rose boxes with flowers

Corsage, Boutonniere & Rose Boxes

These clear floral boxes are made in the USA and are top-quality containers to fit your flowers. One piece plastic boxes easily snap close and are nested for compact storage.

Floral Delivery Boxes

Our floral delivery box enhance your professional and floral presentation, while simultaneously ensuring stability during transportation.

Floral Delivery Collection

Ensure that your beautifully created arrangements and potted plants arrive in the same condition as when they left your shop with our Floral Delivery Collection.

White Mini Box

Jetwrap® Floral Delivery Collection

We’ve just launched our new Jetwrap® Floral Delivery System, complete with boxes of various sizes & coordinating sleeves! All boxes are designed with a high-quality corrugate which is water resistant and recyclable. Floral delivery boxes ensure stability during transportation and will not collapse.

Valentine's Day Sale: Purchase any Jetwrap sleeve and automatically save 10% off a Jetwrap box.

Kraft Floral Wraps

Kraft wrapping solutions give your blooms a timeless look. Reduce labor, minimize waste, and elevate the presentation of all your products. Use these items to make your arrangements the perfect everyday gift.

Pick Solutions

Pick Solutions

Easily decorate your store and individual products for every season and holiday. Each themed kit comes with various seasonal on-trend designs.

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    Metallic Gold Pot Cover

    Pot Covers

    Buy more, save more! Dress up your seasonal plants and save up to 10% off all pot covers when you buy in bulk. Discounts automatically applied at checkout.

    Buy 3+ pot covers, Save 5%
    Buy 6+ pot covers, Save 10%

    Florist heart box

    Valentine's Day

    From innovative wraps to everyday florist supplies, we have everything to make your floral creations shine and your business thrive this Valentine's Day.

    Vases & Containers

    Vases & Containers

    Shop classic floral vases & pots at low prices in a variety of styles and textures, for any occasion.

    All fragile florist vases & containers are shipped using special styrofoam molds. Designed to protect products during transit, this packing method guarantees your order will arrive in perfect condition. 

    Wrapping Solutions

    Wrapping Solutions

    Reduce labor, minimize waste, and elevate the presentation of all your products with our collection of florist paper and wraps. Available in a variety of sizes, designs and materials, our assortment of floral wrapping paper, potted plant covers and flower sleeves will undoubtedly boost your store's sales revenue.



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