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Waterproof Adhesive Tape

Introducing our Waterproof Adhesive Tape, a must-have for every florist's toolkit. Crafted from long-lasting, premium materials, this tape boasts super-strong adhesives, ensuring a reliable bond even on wet surfaces. Its robust grip is perfect for securing wet floral foam in place, guaranteeing your arrangements stay intact.

Designed for ease of use, this tape can be effortlessly cut into desired lengths, offering flexibility and convenience during floral arrangements. Its natural green color seamlessly blends with leaves and stems, providing a discreet finish.

With its strong cloth duct-like fibers weave, tearing is a thing of the past. Plus, its flexibility and stretchability make it ideal for stem wrapping and intricate floral designs.

Unlike competitor tapes, our adhesive tape leaves no sticky residue, ensuring surfaces remain clean and pristine. Elevate your floral creations with our Waterproof Adhesive Tape – the ultimate solution for professional florists.


Packed 1 per case

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