It can be rewarding to assist others as they pick out those flowers for special events and well wishes. In addition, surrounding yourself with those delightful blooms cultivates good moods and the importance of caring for something else. 

Yet opening up a flower shop also has plenty of things that must be remembered. A business like a flower shop requires plenty of floral supplies to be in your arsenal before your doors open. 

If you're in the business of opening up a flower shop, here are some items you need to remember to have in stock.

1. Pot Covers For Plants

Your customers don't want to give out plain pots, nor should you aspire to give a pot that isn't dressed up to your customers. Pot covers allow you to dress up your flowers with a bit of a pop.

These simple florist pot covers also protect your flowers for distribution. 

2. Natural Kraft Pot Covers

Many of your customers will opt for a more natural look when it comes to the pots they give out. Have an option that gives them a gift-giving look while also being uniform and straightforward. Natural kraft covers are a great option.

3. Metallic Pot Covers

Provide your customers with covers that stand out and look like presents on their own. Metallic pot covers add a little pop to an ordinary arrangement.

With the shine of the metallic material, those beautiful pots are ready to be given as gifts with little effort or fuss on the customer's behalf. Always have these pot covers in stock for that simple and natural look. 

4. Papella Kraft Sleeve

These helpful sleeves allow your customers to carry their bouquets with ease. These kraft sleeves come with handles and can be easily dressed up with a ribbon for proper distribution.

Make it easy for customers or delivery people to carry your flowers to their destination with a simple look and easy-to-transport handles. 

5. Precut Kraft Sheets

Craft sheets are a must-have for your flower shop. These sheets protect and dress up your flowers. You want to hand your customers their arrangements confidently, and kraft sheets allow you to do that.

6. Ribbed Natural Kraft Sheet

Kraft sheets offer a natural way to dress up your flowers. These sheets are a basic coloring that makes your flowers pop when handed to your customers. Dress up your flowers with a simple color sheet.

7. White Kraft Sheet

White kraft sheets are a dressy option that many people typically associate with flowers. These sheets come in large quantities so that you can easily dress up your flowers and hand them off to your customers.

8. Gala Metallic Sheet

Add a pop to the typical flower bouquet! Metallic sheets options are a nice change from the standard white and brown precut sheets. Offer your customers a way to make their flowers stand out and shine depending on their preferences.

9. Floral Cardette Card Holder

Greeting cards are typically sent along with floral arrangements. To hold those cards inside the flowers, these cardette cardholders are a must for any flower shop.

10. Floral Foam Cage

This water-absorbing brick is needed to keep your floral arrangement upright and put together while your flowers are on display. Our floral foam cage keeps your flowers in place while providing the water they need to last. A foam cage is necessary for many floral arrangements.

11. Floral Design Dish

Event planners always hope for a non-breakable dish to display their flowers in. Many floral designers will benefit from having these floral design dishes on hand for various display uses.

These floral dishes also come in two different sizes for your convenience. 

12. Clear Water Tube Rose Vial

You need to be able to transport your flowers without fear of the arrangements dying or water getting everywhere during their travels.

These water tubes are a must for every florist. They fill with water and provide a place to put the stems for all flower transportation.

13. Pointed Water Tube

Are you looking for a water tube that can be placed in your kraft foam while keeping your flowers fully hydrated?

Pointed tubes are for this. They give you the option to arrange your flowers while still keeping them looking fresh and beautiful. 

14. Spool Wire

Waterproof metal allows you to move your floral arrangements into specific shapes. This spool can be crafted and moved to support your flowers in any way you might need it to.

Bend the wiring according to your design. Also great for on the go (such as weddings and events) for last minutes touch-ups

15. Cooler Bucket

Leak-free buckets to support your flowers are always needed for display in your flower shop. These buckets can have many different uses within your shop.

They are for more than just displaying your blooms and come in handy in your flower shop. 

16. Wired Sticks

A durable and bendable stick for your floral arrangements meshes well with the stems and can be easily hidden.

These wired sticks are a must for any flower shop so that your blooms can stand up on their own for display in your shop and in your client's destinations.

Open That Successful Flower Shop

Preparing your business with these items gives your flower shop the best chance of success. Open your flower shop with the confidence to supply your customers with precisely what they're looking for.

Make your flowers stand out in a crowd.

If you have any questions about other materials you might need for your shop, we're who to contact. Drop us a note with any questions or concerns you might have about your floral business.

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