Don't overlook the importance of a vase for your floral arrangements. Of course, the flowers are the stars of the show. Everyone is looking at that stunning collection of blooms and blossoms.

But after admiring the flowers, their eyes will dance around and eventually land on the vase. That's why your vases have to make a statement too. Choosing a beautiful flower vase ensures that your arrangements feel even more customized.

If you have options for flower vases, customers will be able to choose a shape that best fits their taste and the style of the interior. 

Here are the floristry vases you should absolutely have in your shop. 

Wood Flower Vases

A wood flower vase would add some charm to your flower arrangements. Since wood is a classic material, it brings a very traditional element to your arrangements. Wood vases also bring some texture into the overall floral design.

Choose a wood vase with a medium-colored stain to appeal to the most people and match the most potential decor. Unique shapes will help the vase feel more modern, but classic shapes like a square can mix modern and traditional styles.

Wood vases look best with classic arrangements, including roses, carnations, and tulips. And with a neutral color base, you'll be able to choose the brightest blooms and still stand out.

Ceramic Flower Vases

Ceramic is another traditional style of flower vases that many customers will love. But ceramic can also feel incredibly modern and sleek depending on the style of the vase. The material also provides a textured look and feel to the flower arrangement.

There are often two types of ceramic: glazed and unglazed. Glazed ceramics have a shiny and much smoother appearance, which can feel more chic and modern. Unglazed has a matte appearance and feels rougher to the touch. An unglazed vase feels a little more rustic and bohemian.

Ceramic vases can pair well with both traditional and highly stylized bouquets. With a variety of colors and patterns available, you can create unique color combinations.

Square Flower Vases

Choose something a bit more unexpected when you choose a square vase. Rounded vases add a softness to the space and often feel a bit more traditional. But square vases are a more modern touch to your flower arrangement.

The clean lines are sleeker, which makes them an ideal option for those who have a modern or contemporary interior. Square vases are also available in a wide variety of sizes, from tall and skinny to short and wide and everything in between.

Even though square vases may lean a little more modern, this style can take on traditional-styled arrangements as well.

Colored Glass Flower Vases

Colored glass is not a new concept; there are many colored glass flower vases that are vintage or antique. But the style has made a comeback and become a trend in recent years.

Many people are using colored glass to add a pop of color to their spaces. And it's not hard to see why after seeing these beautiful vases catch the light. Offering colored vases in some basic colors like blue, pink, green, or yellow is a great idea. Black and amber colors will be popular neutral options.

You will have to take the color of the glass in mind when designing a floral arrangement. Of course, you don't want the colors from the bouquet to clash with the vase. But when they match, it can look magical.

Tall Narrow Flower Vases

Creating a dramatic effect, tall flower vases are best if you want to have an eye-catching arrangement. Tall vases stand out and feel like a centerpiece in any room they sit in.

Combined with a narrow vase, an arrangement can feel sleek and modern. The style is available in plenty of materials like glass, ceramic, and metal, so you can find a style that works for anyone.

Choose tall flowers with a dramatic flair. Birds of paradise, lilies, and orchids all lend well to a tall arrangement.

Rustic Flower Vases

Farmhouse chic is one of the most popular styles for interiors in recent years, and it's not going anywhere any time soon. That's why you should choose rustic-styled vases to match this interior style.

Many people would think that a mason jar case is the way to go, but they're not ideal for anyone looking for a more elegant option to the rustic style. Mason jars are a little too on-theme for many people, so instead, bring in elements of the rustic style.

A flower vase with twine wrapped around it will bring in the rustic element without going totally overboard on the style. You'll also be able to choose rustic-feeling flowers like daisies, roses, and delphiniums, as well as more modern-looking flower arrangements.

Short Flower Vases

Another option that feels a bit unexpected is a short flower vase. Short vases can create very eye-catching arrangements that are ideal for centerpieces on coffee, dining, and console tables inside a home.

With a short vase, you're able to play with height a little bit more, creating levels that provide some visual interest. You'll often find short vases made of glass or ceramic and also featuring a variety of shapes from squares, to spheres, to elongated trays.

Offering a short vase doesn't mean every flower arrangement inside of it has to be small. You can still choose big, bold flowers that will be beautifully bursting out of the arrangement.

Choose Vases That Make a Statement

Your customers come to you because of your stunning flower arrangements. The one-of-a-kind way that you design blossoms and blooms draws them in and takes their breath away.

But you shouldn't forget the importance of vases when it comes to your floral arrangements. Not only do they aid in the aesthetics of the arrangements, but they can also help a bouquet feel more customized.

Transform your floral arrangements with unforgettable vases. Unique vases are sure to make your flowers stand out. Browse our selection of wholesale flower vases for your shop.

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