Your customers expect fresh, creative floral arrangements upon delivery. That's why choosing the right supplier is crucial for florists and flower shops.

Having reliable suppliers at the beginning of your business journey is a life-saver for new flower shops. Florists rely on everything from fresh flowers to creative packaging daily. These expenses quickly pile up, necessitating the need for bulk ordering and pricing.

Wholesale suppliers help flower shops find everything they need to get up and running while maintaining inventory at low bulk prices.

Are you ready to put your flower shop business plan into action?

Learn more about the benefits of wholesale floral supplies.

Getting Started: Wrapping Rolls and Sheets

First, start with the basics. Every flower shop needs wrapping solutions at the very least. They're a staple in every flower shop, whether you're running a one-person kiosk or a bigger storefront.

Basic Paper Rolls

Stock your shop with plenty of kraft paper rolls. Even if you offer more creative wrapping options, it's always smart to have plenty of rolls on hand. You'll also need a dispenser for your kraft paper roll; they come with attached paper cutters so that you can easily (and cleanly) tear away the paper.

You can also buy pre-cut kraft paper sheets in bulk if that works best for you. Many florists find single sheets to be even quicker, but it's good to have both readily available.

Basic Plastic Sheet Rolls

Next, you'll need plenty of clear Cello rolls.

Like kraft paper, clear wrap is a flower shop staple. It's also available in a clear rose hue, perfect for Valentine's Day. You'll need plenty on hand for multi-layer wrapping, too.

Multilayer Flower Bouquet Wrap

Do you receive a lot of business and foot traffic, or expect an influx of sales?

Consider upgrading to wholesale multilayer wrap. This type of floral wrap comes with a pre-layered white fine wrap on the inside and ribbed kraft paper on the outside. You also enjoy the pre-attached natural raffia ribbon for quick wraps.

Multilayer wrap saves time, especially if your default wrap is a multilayer wrap. Plus, it's good to have on hand for more elaborate & upscale requests.

You can also make creative multilayered bouquets with kraft paper rolls (or sheets), patterned botanica white Kraft sheets and metallic sheets.

Don't hesitate to play around with different wrapping sheets. Metallic sheets, for example, come in packs of 100, which is plenty to have on hand to start.

Essential Floral Supplies: Bags and Boxes

Your next set of flower shop staples is carryout bags and boxes. Bouquets, vases, and arrangements are fragile, so you'll need sturdy, dependable take-home materials.

Start with cardboard transportation boxes.

Sizes come in 6 or 8-inches. The first option comes in 100-pc cases, while the latter comes in 50-piece cases. Consider pairing your boxes with a case of our vase bag and transportation box that give customers (and recipients) a peek at their gift.

If you plan to sell vase arrangements, you'll also need dependable vase bags. These bags are big enough to transport and protect a large floral vase arrangement. They also come with a sturdy base and handles for easy transport.

Impress Customers With Creative Vases

Do you want to go above and beyond wraps, bows, and boxes at your flower shop?

Vases, containers, and cubes add even more dimension to your bouquets and more options for customers. You could even expand your customer network to include home stagers and retailers who want fresh vase arrangements for showrooms.

Simple glass Ella vases are good staple vases to have on hand. They measure 8X3 inches and come in packs of 12, making them an excellent general flower shop vase.

If you want to offer a wide selection, try wooden container cubes. These are a little smaller, measuring 5X5 inches. They make wonderful gifts, tabletop centerpieces, and rustic decor.

Your customers may love a glass alternative to wooden container cubes, as well. These simple and classic cubes measure a bit smaller at 4.75X4.75 inches, making them ideal tabletop gifts and decor for events.

Do you want to offer more vase shapes at your shop?

Your customers may really respond to cylindrical ceramic vases. These vases are ideal for unique flower and plant arrangements with bold colors and flower species.

You could also offer whimsical fortune glass vases. These charming vases come wrapped in rustic string and a bow. They're ideal for children's bouquets, holidays, and whimsical arrangements.

Provide More Creative Options

Offering a wide selection of flower species, wrapping, vases, and gift bags are essential to flower shop success. Bouquet picks go even further in adding a splash of color and personality to each arrangement. They're also perfect for creating seasonal-style bouquets for holidays.

For example, to encourage more summer sales, you could offer the following pick themes:

  • Fourth of July
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Beach party picks
  • Summer fun

The above pick kits are perfect for summer birthdays and BBQs. There are also back-to-school pick kits for teacher gifts.

Floral arrangements work in the winter, as well. Plus, they make excellent centerpiece gifts for holiday dinners.

Offer fun and festive winter picks like jack frost snowflakes and Merry Christmas stars. Snow globe pick kits are also available in snowmen and trees; even better, customers can reuse their snowglobes as home decor.

Autumn pick kits are also available for both kid-friendly and sophisticated fall bouquets. Kids (and their parents) enjoy flower picks that say "Boo!" or "Trick or Treat." Sparkling and shimmering pumpkin picks are perfect for upscale costume parties and Halloween birthdays.

Offer Your Customers the Best

Customer satisfaction begins with high-quality experiences. Ensure your signature bouquets and arrangements have the best wrapping, gift boxes, vases, and flower picks available.

Browse our selection of wholesale floral supplies or stop by the learning center to discover more tips, tricks, and products. You can always contact us to learn more!

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