Potted poinsettias are the textbook definition of iconic holiday decor. They're so popular during the holiday season that they've earned the title of the best-selling potted plant throughout the US and Canada, drawing in $250 million in profits every year. 

If you're one of the many retailers offering potted poinsettias during the holiday season, then you have to take steps to set your plants apart from the rest. That's where flower pot wraps come into play. Read on to learn everything you need to know about poinsettias, holiday wraps, and improving customer satisfaction!

What Do Poinsettias Symbolize?

If you're selling potted poinsettias in Minnesota, you might be surprised to learn that this holiday icon is actually native to Mexico. Most of the lore around poinsettias began with their use in Mexico's celebration of the "Dia de la Virgen" on December 12 during the 19th century.

Mexican legend says that a child without any money to purchase a nice gift gathered up weeds from the side of the road to put on a church altar on Christmas Eve. When the child placed the weeds on the altar, a miracle occurred and they turned into the striking red flowers we know and love today. 

As a result of this legend, poinsettias represent the miracle of the holiday season. 

Who Buys Poinsettias?

Marketing your potted poinsettias properly means determining who you need to market to and when to start selling. 

Statistics show that 80 percent of shoppers who purchase poinsettias are women, purchasing them for their home's holiday decor. Other uses include office holiday displays and church decor. Poinsettias come in a wide variety of colors, including white and pink, but red is easily the most popular choice.

Poinsettias are sold en masse during the holiday season, from November through late December. The majority of poinsettias sell in the six weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday.

What Are Flower Pot Wraps?

In today's competitive holiday floral marketplace, it's important to make sure your products deliver on quality and aesthetics. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of flower pot wraps

Flower pot wraps are pre-shaped and sized wraps that you place around the pot of your potted plants for sale. They come in a variety of different materials. These include laminated kraft paper, foil, cello, and even burlap. Plant covers elevate your potted plants from a simple plastic pot to a striking piece of decor.

How Can You Make Potted Poinsettias More Attractive?

Adding flower pot wraps to your poinsettias is the easiest way to grab the eyes of your customers and entice them to buy your plants. Consider adding them in colors that are complimentary to the poinsettias you're selling as a good rule of thumb.

For example, if you're selling red poinsettias, opt for green or gold pot covers. White poinsettias leave room for more color versatility with your wraps, however. You can add wraps in red, green, gold, or even silver.

Start with experimentation to get a feel for what looks good and what sells. Consider keeping track of which wraps sell the best. This allows you to better stock your shop with flowers that are more likely to sell. 

Beyond Holiday Wraps

If you have a flair for decor, you don't have to stop at flower pot sleeves when it comes to making your poinsettias stand out. You can take them from simple elegance to holiday decadence with just a handful of supplies.

The first thing you need to do is to dream up your ideal poinsettia plant. Do you want it to give the buyer the feeling of a classic white Christmas? Would you like it to embrace everything that's glamorous about the holiday season?

For classic Christmas poinsettias, gather some flower pot wraps, ribbon, berries, and sprigs. Place the berries and sprigs throughout the pot so they pop up in contrast to the petals. Add the flower pot wrap to the base of your poinsettia and tie the ribbon around the pot. 

For a sparkly, glamorous poinsettia, your imagination is really the limit. Consider trying some loose or spray glitter for the leaves of the plant to make certain leaves pop. Add a flower pot wrap and some sparkly ornaments around the base of your poinsettia, and it'll turn the heads of all of your customers. 

Customer Guidance

As much as we'd like to think that all of the poinsettias sold each holiday season go on to live beyond winter, most don't make it that long. That doesn't mean that your customers don't want their poinsettias to last as long as possible, especially when they're buying them early in the holiday season. 

It's critical for sellers who use flower pot wraps to offer customers advice on how to keep their plants happy and thriving. Wraps that are left on for too long prevent proper drainage of plants. If your customers want to keep the magic of the wrap, they just need to poke holes in the bottom of the wrap to allow for drainage.

Customers can also keep the plant covers intact and simply remove them as needed for watering. Once the plant drains itself of excess water, it'll be good to go for re-wrapping! 

Add Flower Pot Wraps to Your Supply List Today!

The mere sight of a poinsettia plant is enough to bring holiday joy to your heart.

Taking the extra step to make your poinsettias even more magical with flower pot wraps and other decor is sure to delight your customers. It'll also keep them coming back to your business year after year as part of their holiday traditions. That's a recipe for success!

Are you looking for a floral supply shop that'll provide you with the highest-quality products on the market? You've come to the right place. Contact The Florist Supply Shop today to learn how we can help your business grow!
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