1. Be Gentle With Oasis Floral Foam

The first thing to understand about using Oasis for flowers is that it is delicate. If you're not careful, you could end up damaging the foam. 

However, you can sometimes damage Oasis floral products without even noticing it. The main thing to look out for with a floral foam is that you need to be gentle with it when it is dry.

Before you add water to your floral foam, you will find it is light and fragile. Floral foam is full of little cells that hold air until they are submerged in water. When you add water to your foam, it is supposed to fill in those little air pockets.

However, if you crush too many of these cells together, there won't be any pathway for the air inside them to escape. As a result, some of your floral foam will stay dry even if you don't notice it from the outside.

Of course, you can be a little bit more cavalier with how you handle floral foam once it is wet.

2. Avoid Mistakes When Wetting Florist Foam

Some people get impatient with floral foam and try to find ways to get it to absorb water faster so that they can get on to creating their floral arrangements. However, patience is key if you want to have the best success with your floral decorations.

Expert floral designers often recommend just letting your block of floral foam sit in a container of water. It is important that this water container be deep enough that your floral foam can sink all the way to the bottom and not leave any corners poking out of the water.

Once you have set your foam block in the water, you don't need to do anything but wait. After a couple of minutes, you will find your foam block is saturated with water and ready for all types of flowers.

Some people struggle to find the right water container for their foam until they realize they can use their sinks. Although this can be a viable solution, it is important to make your sink as clean as possible first. That means washing it with soap to make sure that no oil gets on your floral foam.

Other people have the idea of adding some cut flower food to this water. After all, if their floral foam is saturated with flower food, that will make it a better environment for flowers, right?

The unfortunate truth is that your plants will not be able to access much of the flower food you might let soak into your floral foam. In fact, this kind of food may be more available for bacteria. If you want to use cut flower food, it is better to add it later.

3. Manage Placing Foam Blocks in Containers

Once your foam is saturated with water, it will be much heavier. It will also be easier to shape with a knife. Cut your block into the right shape, and then simply place it in the middle of your floral arrangement container.

Your arrangement will be much more stable if you use floral tape to hold your foam block in place.

If you want to squeeze your foam block into a snug container, be careful not to crush it too much. Make sure to cut your block so that it will fit in your desired container without needing to be pushed down too hard.

4. Don't Rely on Dried Out Oasis Foam

Some people let their Oasis foam dry out by accident. Then, they decide to get it wet again and try to use it. However, you might notice how poor the results you get are when you try this.

Floral foam is not designed to be used after it has dried out once.

5. Be Precise When Using Green Foam for Flowers

After being so careful with their floral foam, some people make the mistake of being incautious with their plant stems.

You might think you can just jam your stems into your foam and let it do what it does. However, it is vital that your plant stems have a snug connection to the foam. If you move them around too much or create holes that are too large, your stems may not enjoy this connection.

Make sure not to create holes in preparation for your plant stems. Instead, use the plant stems themselves to create holes in your floral foam.

However, you will also want to make sure to cut your stems so that they have a sharp angle at the end. This will help them create more precise holes and enjoy a snugger connection to your floral foam.

Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Oasis Floral Foam

Many people are amazed when they find out how much you need to know to make the most out of Oasis floral foam. Combining the right knowledge with the right tools can go a long way toward helping you succeed as you care for flowers and other plants.

To find out more about where you can find the best floral supplies for your specific needs, contact us at The Florist Supply Shop at any time!

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