88% of consumers say that giving the gift of flowers makes them happy. As a florist, you're responsible for some of that happiness. Why not make the most of it by creating the most sturdy flower arrangements?

If you're a florist, you're likely familiar with that special green foam for flowers and flower arrangements. It's excellent for making neat, tidy, and sturdy flower arrangements. It's generally referred to as florist foam or flower foam, but many people use the Oasis Floral brand.

If you're new to flower arranging, however, you might not know how to properly use Oasis foam. Why is it so helpful? How do you stop it from crumbling and falling apart at the slightest touch?


What Is Oasis Floral Foam? 

Oasis foam, also known as floral foam or floral foam bricks, is a versatile and indispensable tool for florists. It is a specialized foam that absorbs and retains water, providing a stable base for creating beautiful floral arrangements.

There are several different types of Oasis floral products in the foam category. There's a light density (Springtime foam), a medium density (Standard foam), and a higher density (Deluxe foam). 

There's also Instant Deluxe, which is like the Deluxe Oasis foam with holes, and Instant Foam, which is another medium-density foam with holes. The holes are good for faster water absorption. 

When you first start using Oasis foam, you'll likely be going through a trial-and-error process until you find which type works best for your arrangements. That's okay! Some experimentation is required if you want to find your ideal match. 

Oasis foam also comes in multiple shapes (though you can shape it on your own). It comes in blocks of all sizes, from small to large and you can get it in hearts, crosses, semi-spheres, and more.

Start with a shape that makes the most sense for your design. It's almost always better to start with a larger shape because you can always trim foam away if you have to.

Benefits of Using Floral Foam

So why do people bother with flower foam? Can't you have a gorgeous arrangement without it?

Well, yes, but there are several reasons why florists return to Oasis flower foam time and time again. Here's a quick rundown.

Water Retention

Oasis foam has excellent water absorption properties, allowing it to retain a significant amount of water. This is crucial for keeping flowers hydrated and extending their lifespan. The foam slowly releases water to the stems, ensuring continuous hydration and freshness.

The ability of Oasis foam to provide a consistent water source to the flowers helps prolong their lifespan. With an adequate water supply, flowers stay vibrant, petals remain turgid, and the overall arrangement maintains its beauty for a longer period.

Stability and Support

Oasis foam provides a stable and secure foundation for floral designs. It holds flower stems firmly in place, preventing shifting or toppling of the arrangement. This stability allows for more intricate and creative designs, such as cascading arrangements or tall centerpieces.

Fragile or delicate flower stems, such as those of orchids or lilies, can be challenging to work with, even for experienced florists. Oasis foam provides a supportive base that helps stabilize these delicate stems.

Oasis foam securely holds flower stems in place during transportation. This is particularly important for events, weddings, or delivery services, as the arrangements are more likely to arrive in pristine condition.


Oasis foam is available in various shapes and sizes. This creates more flexibility. It can be easily cut, shaped, or layered to fit different containers and create different forms. This versatility allows florists to bring their creative visions to life and explore unique arrangements.

Oasis foam enables florists to experiment with different floral materials and techniques. It also allows for various design styles. Florists can insert flowers at different angles and heights, resulting in visually appealing and dynamic arrangements.

Using Oasis Foam in Flower Arrangements 

So how do you use Oasis foam?

Start by selecting the appropriate size and shape of Oasis foam for your arrangement. Soak the foam in water, allowing it to absorb water naturally. Avoid forcing the foam underwater, as that can create air pockets.

Once the Oasis foam is saturated, remove it from the water and squeeze out any excess water carefully. Cut the foam to fit the container or vase you're using, ensuring it fits but doesn't protrude too much above the rim. You don't want to see the foam. 

Use waterproof adhesive or floral tape if necessary to secure the foam in place. You don't want it moving around too much.

Start by trimming your flower stems at an angle to the desired length. Insert each stem into the Oasis foam, pushing it firmly but gently to ensure stability. You can create various designs and patterns by varying the height and angle of the stems.

Continue inserting the flower stems into the foam, working from the center outward or following a specific design plan. Consider the color, shape, and size of the flowers to create a balanced arrangement. Leave space between the flowers to avoid overcrowding. You can always add more later. 

Once the primary flowers are in place, fill any remaining gaps in the arrangement with foliage, filler flowers, or other decorative elements. Get creative here! 

After completing your flower arrangement, pour water into the container to hydrate the Oasis foam. It's best to use a floral preservative in the water to extend the longevity of the flowers.

Instruct the recipient to mist the flowers and dampen the foam to maintain the arrangement. 

How Will You Use Oasis Floral Foam? 

Oasis floral foam is so helpful when it comes to creating and maintaining beautiful and sturdy flower arrangements. There's a reason that it's a must-have for many florists! When you get the hang of using it, you won't remember how you ever created flower arrangements without it. 

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