While people have adored floral arrangements for millennia, recent research shows that they have a real impact on people's emotional states.

Those who received regular flowers in a 10-month study had long-term mood effects including lower anxiety and agitation. They also were more likely to connect with family and friends regularly.

If you're a florist who's excited to make people smile, green foam for flowers can help you hold arrangements together to maximize their aesthetic. Read on to learn why.

The Basics of Green Foam for Flowers

Green foam for flowers is exactly what it sounds like. It's a specialized floral foam that you can put flower stems into to hold an arrangement in place.

The substance is extremely dense, but it's lightweight. Your buyers won't be dissatisfied because of a heavy arrangement, but they'll get the benefits of a porous material that shapes the bouquet.

Oasis Advantage Plus floral foam is one of the best options on the market. It's long-lasting and has a stem grip that works for everyday bouquets. It also comes pre-scored so it's easy to cut accurately and use efficiently.

Design Stability and Balance

The density of floral foam means that it tightly holds flower stems in place. When someone picks up the bouquet, they don't need to worry about the arrangement shifting around. Every bloom will remain in the desired location so the bouquet will be holistically beautiful for its entire lifespan.

The material has special air-like cells. It's spongelike and specifically engineered for florists.

Keeping flowers in place lets buyers display an arrangement anywhere in a balanced way. Plus, because of Oasis foam's stability, your shop can send floral arrangements out for delivery without worrying that they'll come apart.

Just make sure that you don't jam any stem into the foam or move it around too much. Be precise with your work and don't prepare for stem insertion by creating holes. You want the flowers to stay snug in the foam so they don't move around.

Versatile Shapes

You can make tons of different bouquet shapes with floral foam. It's easy to cut into with any knife or cutter.

You can create cones for classic bouquets, circular cut-outs that fit into pots, or even spheres for hanging arrangements. Specialty shapes like crosses for funerals and hearts for weddings are also made easy. Just cut the foam into the appropriate shape and fill it with flowers and other floral decorations.

The possibilities are limitless, and you'll be able to sell a wider variety of offerings at your floral shop. But make sure that you're gentle with it - foam is delicate, and even holding onto it too hard could leave a thumbprint.

Longevity for Any Floral Arrangement

Floral foam can also ensure that the flowers in your bouquet live for as long as possible. One reason for this is that it's pH balanced. The flowers will always be in an environment with perfect acidity so they last as long as possible.

More importantly, Oasis foam makes watering bouquets easier.

The foam soaks up and absorbs water easily. When you pour water into the bouquet, the foam will trap it and hold onto it near the flower stems. The flowers will be able to absorb it as long as it's trapped inside the foam, so you don't need to worry about constant watering or withering flowers.

You can also add flower food to the arrangement to prolong its lifespan. The foam will absorb that along with the water.

This is important for the arrangements in your shop. You can also provide buyers with a printout that has information on feeding and watering flowers properly. This will set you apart from competitors since people will get longer-lasting arrangements from you than other sources. 

Using Green Oasis Foam: A Quick Guide

To use foam correctly, the first thing you'll need to do is cut your flower stems in a shape that will stick. Make sure that they have a sharp angle at the end so you can drive them into the foam more precisely. You don't want chipping or loose stems.

You also need to be safe when handling floral foam. Avoid exposing it to your eyes and wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling it while shaping your arrangement.

Make sure that you clean your hands after handling it, too. These safety tips can save you eye irritation and coughing fits.

Storing Your Foam

Store your foam in a dry and cool place. Don't put it in direct sunlight. If you do, its hue can fade and it will dry out faster than it otherwise would.

Floral foam isn't made to be used once it dries out. This happens naturally when the material sits in storage for too long. If you think that the foam's too dry to hold flowers in place, replace it to avoid dissatisfied customers.

Just buy foam in the quantities you need so you don't waste money and materials!

Creating an Arrangement

Take a sharp knife and make sure that you're precise with each cut. Oasis foam comes pre-scored for certain shapes, but those making unusual or specialized shapes may need to make additional scores themselves. Be precise so you don't waste foam.

Then, once you have a shape, you can create a quality arrangement in the foam. Balance colors and shapes to create the best arrangements. Then, be sure to wrap it up for protection and professionalism before shipping it out.

Get Flower Care Tips, Discounts, and More

Now that you know the ins and outs of green foam for flowers, it's time to begin creating quality floral arrangements with Oasis foam. The Florist Supply Shop is committed to providing flower shops and their owners with wholesale floral decorations, wrapping paper, filling, boxes, and more.

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