Want to own the best flower shop in town? Opening a flower business starts with the right tools, materials, and systems.

When opening a flower shop, having the right supplies and equipment is key to success. From floral tools to inventory management, we have you covered on the essential items your new flower business needs.

Read on to discover more about these essentials for your flower shop.

Wrapping Solutions

When customers buy a beautiful bouquet, the wrapping and presentation are almost as important as the flowers! The proper wrapping can turn a simple bouquet into an elegant gift, making it an essential part of your flower shop.

Get the Good Stuff

Look for durable, attractive materials that enhance the beauty of your flowers. Avoid cheap, flimsy wraps that can damage your products. Remember, your wrapping reflects the quality of your shop, so invest in the best.

Ready-Made Kits

Coordinating collections of wrapping supplies simplifies the process. It can be profitable to prepare wrap kits ahead of time for birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

Custom Options

Offering custom options shows customers you care about the details. Add extras like floral tape, decorative embellishments, and cards to encourage add-on sales.


Vases aren't just containers for your flowers. They're an integral part of your floral displays. They add value to your products and provide customers with a complete, ready-to-display solution.

Don't stop at the basics. Offer unique vases, too. Colored glass, geometric shapes, and artisan materials appeal to trend-focused buyers.

Think Ahead

Be wary of fragile or easily tipped vases. They're accidents waiting to happen! And remember, the vase should complement the flowers, not overshadow them.

Floral Foods

The right care products keep cut flowers and plants looking their best. Keep a range of floral foods, plant nutrients, and flower preservatives in stock.

Some floristry-specific brands have biocides to prevent bacteria growth. It's worth it to invest in those.

For potted plants, look for fertilizers tailored to blooming plants. Educate customers on proper care and handling when you sell them live goods. Small details like care cards create a great experience.

Inventory Management

A crucial part of running an efficient flower shop is inventory management. Look for systems to track product availability, monitor waste, and simplify ordering.

Supply inventory software linked to your POS system makes reordering seamless. Digital tools like RFID tags reduce spoilage by monitoring age and conditions.

Try to balance the inventory variety to avoid overstocking. Work closely with your flower wholesaler to fine-tune your selections.

Pick Kits

Pick kits are the unsung heroes of floral arrangements. They secure and position flowers so your arrangements stay in place. Without them, creating complex, stunning displays would be a challenge.

Many picks are available, from simple wooden sticks to decorative wire picks. Choose based on the needs of your arrangements and your customers' preferences. Beware of sharp or rough picks that could damage your flowers.

Pick kits reduce the guesswork and provide everything needed for stunning floral designs in one organized set. They're ideal for weddings, events, and everyday use.

Essential Equipment

Selling flowers requires more than floral supplies. The right tools can ease everyday operations and contribute to your business's success. Invest in professional tools for easier and more efficient arrangement design.

Floral Cooler

Keep flowers fresh with a commercial cooler designed for floristry. A floral cooler extends the life of your flowers, ensuring they stay vibrant and beautiful until they reach the customer.

Look for adjustable humidity and temperature controls. It's an essential investment that helps maintain the quality of your products.

Work Tables

Work tables provide ample space for arranging flowers and storing necessary tools. Choosing the right work table can improve workflow and create a comfortable environment for your staff.

Floral Shears

High-carbon steel blades provide clean cuts. Ergonomic handles maximize control and comfort. Floral shears are crucial for precision trimming and the shaping of stems. They allow for the creation of appealing floral arrangements.

Floral Foam Cutters

Cut bricks and sheets of foam with ease using wire cutters or heated tools. Foam cutters are critical in preparing bases for your arrangements. They let you shape the foam to fit any container, allowing for versatile design possibilities.

Flower Carts

It helps to be able to transport arrangements around the shop on wheeled carts and dock trucks. These carts help prevent damage to your beautiful creations during transport from the design area to the display area or loading dock. They also save time and reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Design Tools

Beyond standard equipment, every flower shop needs a full arsenal of floral design tools. These tools improve efficiency and enhance creativity for designers.

Floral Knives, Scissors, and Snippers

These tools are fundamental for cutting and trimming stems to the desired length and removing leaves or thorns. Excellent tools like knives, scissors, and snippers make clean cuts and help flowers live longer.

Arranger's Wire in Various Gauges

Arranger's wire provides structure and support to heavy or awkward-shaped elements. Having a variety of gauges on hand enables your designers to choose the right strength and flexibility for each project.

Floral Glues and Adhesives

Floral glues and adhesives secure elements of an arrangement together. They're strong yet flexible and withstand fresh flowers' moisture conditions.

Water Tubes, Picks, and Corsage Supplies

Water tubes and picks keep individual flowers hydrated and in place within an arrangement. You'll need corsage supplies like pins and wristlets to make wearable floral pieces for special occasions like weddings and proms.

Flower Strippers, Thorns, and Stem Supports

Flower strippers remove leaves and thorns from stems. Stem supports help keep tall or weak-stemmed flowers upright within an arrangement.

Find Supplies For Opening a Flower Shop

Now, you're ready to open and operate a flourishing flower shop! You can create unique arrangements with our top-quality selection of essential supplies.

The Florist Supply Shop offers a complete collection of wrapping solutions, vases, pick kits, and more. Our floral wholesale products can help you run your business well.

So why wait? Contact us today and take the first step toward opening a flower shop of your dreams!

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