During the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the ability to send and receive floral arrangements to loved ones helped keep connections strong. Studies have shown that receiving and even just looking at flowers can have a positive mental impact overall.

For floral shops, it is important that their flower shop supplies are organized. This not only keeps your floral shop looking good, but it also helps streamline the process of floral designing.

If you own a floral business, this guide will provide organization tips for florists. Interested in learning how to set up a floral shop? Keep reading for more information.

Organize Your Ribbons

Organizing your spools of ribbons is the first step to take in organizing your flower shop supplies. If you have to dig through a box of tangled ribbons each time you need to make a bow, this will take time away from other areas of your shop, such as assisting the customers.

Using a ribbon rack or multi-display organizer will keep your ribbons in pristine shape between each use. You can buy one pre-made or make your own.

It will also make them easier to see for customers who come into the store. Being able to see the colors and textures of each ribbon up close makes choosing the right ribbon for a floral bouquet so much easier.

This also keeps your ribbons off of a surface that may be wet from cut flowers. Water can soak into the ribbons and discolor or damage them. There's also no worrying about them rolling onto a dirty floor between sweepings.

Keep them out of the way while still at hand with a ribbon rack. All you have to do is pull out the length of ribbon you want and cut it with no mess or fuss. This also works great for floral tapes.

Organize Your Decorative Floral Picks

Floral picks are another important part of flower shop supplies that need organizing. Floral picks are a great way to add an extra touch of flair for holidays and other special occasions. Floral picks encompass a number of themes from birthday to anniversary, the birth of a child, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, and more.

Incorporating floral picks helps to mark the celebration of events and occasions and can sometimes coordinate with the colors of the arrangements. These decorative picks can be fragile though and can break if they aren't properly stored.

Display decorative picks based on the time of year for their occasions, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Halloween. Alongside these seasonal picks, add the most common year-round picks for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, and the birth of a child.

You'll want to keep these picks in a place where they are upright and easily viewed. Display them in a tall weighted vase or by sticking them into a small piece of floral foam.

Displaying these picks in a tall container by the register where they are easier to see also helps drive impulse buys from customers who want to add decorative picks to their floral arrangements.

Organize Your Florist Tools

Use a pegboard to hang your larger florist tools such as floral cutting shears, pruners, wire cutters, and glue guns. This ensures everything is organized and within reach. When you are not using these tools, hand them back up on the board in their designated spots.

This will prevent tools from falling off of the counter or getting lost under other materials. An added benefit of using a pegboard for your florist tools is that it will free up precious counter space you can use for cutting and arranging.

You can also use this method for hanging up and organizing ribbons and floral tape.

Organize Your Smaller Florist Supplies

For smaller flower shop supplies like boutonniere pins, floral picks, corsage pins, and floral knives, organization is key. These small and sharp objects must be kept out of the reach of small children who may wander around the store while their parents are in the shop.

Invest in a small multi-compartment craft drawer storage unit to put on the countertop or use a snap-shut locking craft box to put behind the counter when it is not in use. This will keep your pins, wires, and floral knives organized and safe.

A snap shut or locking drawer box would also help to prevent your pins from going all over the floor if it is accidentally bumped into or dropped.


Organize Your Containers

A florist shop utilizes many types of flower shop supplies for displaying floral arrangements and plants, from vases to pots and baskets. If not properly stored and organized, these vases & containers can make your florist shop appear junky and messy.

Use a multi-shelved shelving unit for displaying these baskets, vases, and pots in a way that shows the customer what is available in an organized way. Stack smaller baskets inside a larger one if space is a luxury.

Display larger and taller vases on a lower shelf where you are able to vary the height of the shelves above for smaller vases. Stack similarly designed and sized pots within the others. Any items with unique variations should be displayed on their own to differentiate them from the others.

You don't have to display your entire stock of containers up in the front of the store, but it should look as though you have adequate stock. Replenish as needed from the backroom to fill in the empty spaces. Place a pricing chart next to this shelf with all of the prices listed plainly up-front so there are no surprises.

You may also choose to store and display your floral foam on shelves.

Organize Your Carry-Out Supplies

For those wishing to purchase pre-made or fresh-cut floral bouquets from your shop not requiring a special arrangement, put a display of handy to-go supplies next to a display case.

This could include a standing rack display of floral drip bags, which are an economical and easy way to transport a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers without water dripping everywhere.

This way, a customer who may be in a hurry can grab the floral arrangement or fresh-cut flowers they want and the packaging they wish to use quickly and expedite their experience.

Other options for an upscale feel to your florist shop's carry-out options may include a Kraft Window Bag. This item is made from brown craft paper and has a small cellophane window in it. It makes transporting small and delicate plants or flowers more secure while also adding extra giftable quality to your floral shop products.

Organize Your Flowers

Whether they are in the refrigerated display cases or in buckets out on the floor, organizing your flowers is a crucial step to creating an inviting and organized florist's shop.

You may choose to organize your flowers by type, such as all of the roses displayed together. Or you can organize your flowers by color. You may also choose to feature certain colors of flowers more prominently based on the time of year.

Just be careful not to have too many large buckets on the floor, especially if your floral shop is on the smaller side. You want your customers to be able to walk around and see your stock and pick out the specific flower stems they want for their arrangements.

Use a multi-tiered display for flower buckets to save on space inside your shop.

Clean Your Store

An organized store also includes making sure your floors and other surfaces are cleaned regularly. Cut leaves, stems, and other debris on the floor will make your store look cluttered and disorganized. It goes even further than that though.

Having water spots on tables and floors doesn't just detract from the look, organization, and productivity of the overall store. It is also a big slipping hazard for you and your customers. Brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools are an essential part of flower shop supplies.

Keep your brooms, mops, dustpans, and sweepers where they can be accessed to clean up messes. A wall-mounted broom and mop holder helps to store your cleaning tools on the wall when not in use to maximize space and efficiency.

Just push the handle firmly into the holder when not in use. You won't need to stress about a fallen broom adding to the problem of a possible tripping hazard and cluttering up your store.

Get Your Quality Wholesale Floral Supplies in Order

Organizing your flower shop supplies provides peace of mind because you'll know where everything is when you need it. It also offers your customers a trouble-free visit when they come in to view your products. A florist shop is a highly desired and personal shopping experience that can't be duplicated in a grocery store.

The Florist Supply Shop has upscale and functional flower shop supplies at wholesale prices. Make your florist shop stand out for all the right reasons. Carry-out boxes, bags, and wraps protect your floral arrangements and enhance their aesthetic.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns.

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