Today, there are around 13,000 florist establishments in the US. There's a good chance there are several flower shops around yours, and competition is fierce.

To stand out in the crowd, not only do you need to supply customers with the freshest flowers possible, but you also need to have creative and beautiful arrangements. These 2 elements together make a winning combination.

Of course, clients will want different arrangements for various occasions. And you want to make sure you've got just what they need for the special occasion.

Here are some ideas for bouquet boxes you can put together for your customers.


You can easily take your normal bouquets and make them into birthday ones by attaching a "happy birthday" pick from the glitter celebration messages pick kit. This allows your customers to handpick the arrangements that speak to them!

You should also consider putting together bouquets themed in the month's birthstone color. For instance, the birthstone for April is the diamond, so arranging white flowers like calla lilies, orchids, and snowdrops can be a good idea.

Birth Announcement

Every day, around 10,000 babies are born in the US, so you'll never be short of clients who are celebrating the arrival of a bundle of joy!

Make sure you've got cute arrangements for birth announcements; bouquet boxes of blue or pink flowers can be a great touch. Also, our glitter everyday messages pick kit has "it's a boy" and "it's a girl" picks you can stick into the bouquets.

Engagement or Wedding Announcement

Help your customers celebrate happy couples with recent engagement or wedding announcements by providing celebratory bouquet boxes. You can set out several wooden cube containers and then fill them with arrangements including roses, tulips, peonies, and carnations in red and pink hues.

Stick some "congrats" picks from the glitter celebration messages pick kit into the arrangements, and they'll be ready for pickup and delivery to the blissful couples!


These bouquet boxes will be similar to engagement and wedding arrangements, but more romantic. For this reason, you should stick with deep red roses, as they're classics for anniversaries.

Offer your clients a nice selection of heartfelt picks, such as ones from the dangling hearts pick kit, which includes hearts that say "love" and "I love you".


National Holidays

We have tons of national holidays worth celebrating, and people like to perk their spaces up with gorgeous arrangements. If they're having a special celebration with guests, then they're sure to impress with your well-thought-out bouquet boxes.

For example, you can create large bouquets with red, white, and blue flowers, as well as some picks from the patriotic pick kit for Independence Day. Or you can put together red, green, and white flowers and put some Jack Frost picks in for Christmas.


For graduation arrangements, you'll want to go with summer themes. School's out in June/July, after all, so students are looking forward to enjoying the good weather and taking a dip.

For this, you'll want to choose big and bright flowers that are reminiscent of the sun, such as sunflowers. Then, add some cute picks from the summer fun pick kit to finish off the bouquet's look.

Chances are, graduates are throwing beach parties as well. So you can also use picks from the beach party pick kit. Combining the 2 kits can also give a unique look that customers won't be able to resist.


It's unfortunate, but there comes a time when we must remember those who have passed on. It's best to customize bouquet boxes here, as your customers will want to select flowers with meaning to the deceased. Of course, you should offer your expertise in creating the perfect arrangement, but ultimately, it should be up to your clients.

Bring together these bouquets by using our multilayer wrap. With minimal effort, you can create gorgeous arrangements that'll bring your clients and their loved ones comfort.

Other Products to Provide Your Customers With
Your arrangements might be beautiful, but without the right complementing products, customers may be hesitant to take anything home. But thankfully, there are a few items you can stock your flower shop with to make things easier for them.

For instance, you can stock your shop with kraft window bags. This will allow clients to transport fragile arrangements easily. And because there's a clear window, you can provide a gift-wrapped look so the bouquet boxes are instantly ready for gifting.

For taller arrangements, you can provide vase bags. Customers can place floral arrangements straight into the bag, then carry them around with sturdy and clear plastic handles.

If the bouquets aren't sturdy, you can pair the vase bags with transportation boxes at the base. This ensures that the arrangements won't flop around while in transit.

And of course, stocking your shop with plain and clear vases is useful too. Your customers will need to keep their bouquets fresh, after all, and what better way to do so than with a simple vase on the counter?

Sell the Right Bouquet Boxes

With the right bouquet boxes in your flower shop, you're sure to see profits increase dramatically. Not only that, but you'll see the same customers come in repeatedly, as they'll be impressed with your flower arrangements.

So get the right products and some fresh flowers, and put your creativity to good use. People will flock from all over town when they see what you've got to offer!

If you're looking for more products to stock your flower shop with, then browse our selection of vases and containers now.

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