The best way to make sure that your customers will love your floral design services is to ensure you have the right products on hand to protect and enhance their flowers and gifts. The Florist Supply Shop is now stocking six new products that your business can use to improve the longevity of your florals as well as help your gift baskets and consumable products look beautiful.

1. Corsage Boxes

One of the newest products launching in The Florist Supply Shop are corsage boxes. These corsage boxes come in small, medium and large sizes, perfect for combining with florals for weddings and proms. Constructed with recyclable materials, the solid material chipboard version is available in two sizes and can be customized to reflect your business’s name or logo. Clear plastic corsage boxes are available in four sizes, and these sturdy containers are sure to be a big hit with busy floral businesses because it is possible to view floral products inside at a glance.

2. Boutonniere Boxes

Coordinating boutonniere boxes are also launching at The Florist Supply Shop, perfect for pairing with wedding and prom floral business. Customers will love that their boutonnieres arrive in a sturdy container and you will love how this box protects your florals and helps you keep your floral coolers organized.

3. Rose Boxes

There are not many floral gifts more beautiful or meaningful than roses, and with The Florist Supply Shop’s new rose boxes, you can be sure that your roses are delivered in pristine condition. Available for ordering in a variety of sizes that will cradle and protect a single bloom up to a large grouping of roses. Rose boxes will give your floral business added flexibility in how you deliver gorgeous blooms to your customers since container arrangements and tied groupings are not always the best option for every situation. Instead, rose boxes can help you deliver stunning florals in a secure yet elegant container that helps to preserve and protect your flowers every step of the way.

Customize Your Packaging

Whether your floral supply business is ready to show off your gorgeous floral design with a corsage box or a boutonniere, The Florist Supply Shop is the place to stock up so you can give your customers the most professional experience possible. Our beautiful rose boxes will help you present your florals in style, and customers will remember the extra care you took in presenting their blooms. Your customers will appreciate your attention to detail and eye for design when you include gorgeous foil paper on their potted plant, container or gift wrapping. Using shrink wrap bags or sheeting makes a stock or custom gift container look sharp and put together, while a quick blast from our heat gun holds it all together easily in an instant without any fuss. But no matter which of these new essential products best fit into your business plan, integrating smart and well-designed packaging into your floral business will show your customers that you are dedicated to delivering the most beautiful flowers and gifts every day.

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