Flowers are one of the most important aspects of setting the tone for a wedding. They can spruce up the venue, add a touch of elegance to the reception, and bring out the bride's features as she walks down the aisle.

As a flower shop owner, supplying wedding flower arrangements to soon-to-be-married couples is a huge part of your job. Read on to learn seven arrangements that will have newlyweds flocking to buy and showcase your beautiful colored blooms.

1. Traditional Rose Bouquets

There's nothing that screams "romance" in the same way that a rose bouquet does. This makes them a top tried-and-true choice for the bouquets that brides carry.

Roses come in a wide variety of colors, so offering many different rose bouquets lets brides choose what best matches the theme of their wedding. Red roses are a classic that never goes out of style, especially when paired with white blooms and plump green foliage. However, yellow and blue roses are great pastel hues for spring weddings.

You also should offer some pure white rose bouquets for brides who want to match their soft dresses. These blooms are creamy and warm, which makes them ideal for pairing with baby's breath and other small, pale-colored flowers.

2. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are rustic and timeless, and they're making a comeback in 2024. One great benefit to offering these options as a wedding florist is that you're giving people the option to purchase a keepsake. Living arrangements won't last a lifetime, but dried ones have heightened longevity that you can pass down to future generations.

Dried lavender and eucalyptus are especially popular, and baby's breath makes a great filler. You can offer dried bridal bouquets with simple Kraft paper wrap. You can also sell brides beautiful containers and vases that contain more dried flowers to serve as decorations around their wedding venues.

3. Cascading Bouquets

A cascading bouquet is one with long flowers and twisting vines. It literally cascades from the bride's hands as she walks down the aisle like a waterfall. This creates a visually appealing trailing effect that matches the effortless beauty of a wedding gown's train.

Several flowers work well in these bouquets, though lilies are one of the most tried-and-true classics. Their white, drooping shape works perfectly for brides who want to look as though they're carrying floral ribbons.

Orchids are another great flower to offer in cascading bouquets. Their unique shape and multitude of hues are ideal for pairing with any other flowers that brides love. Make sure to offer these options in your floral shop.

If you want to add a pop of color to your cascading arrangements, foxgloves come in purple and pink with small spots on their petals. They're intricate and individualistic, so you can sell them to brides looking for a signature touch.

4. Amaranthus Accents

The waterfall look is achievable in a plethora of ways, but Amaranthus is a popular flower that will be breaking out big-time in 2024. You can get in on these wedding flower ideas by supplying couples with bouquets that feature these long, hanging strands along the edges.

Amaranthus is also perfect for hanging off the edge of an altar like a fringey drape. It also works wonders as an accent flower for underneath ceremony arches.

Amaranthus naturally blooms in a wide range of bold, bright colors. Make sure to offer bouquets with a wide range of color palettes. Bright red amaranthus looks great with white and pale pink flowers, and fuchsia amaranthus goes perfectly with other purple and blue blooms.

5. Sunflower Sweetness

Weddings are cheerful and joyful events. There's nothing to set this mood more than some brightly-blooming sunflowers. These large flowers are eye-grabbing and jaw-dropping, which makes them ideal centerpieces for reception tables and altar surrounds.

Those who are having outdoor weddings can also enjoy the way that sunflowers look under natural lighting. They turn toward the sun assuming that they're well-hydrated with quality green foam. This is a great symbol for couples who are looking forward to the brightness of their futures together.

Pair sunflowers with green foliage for a nice contrast between warm and cool colors. You can also add orange marigolds to the arrangement if you want some extra warmth and sunny bliss.

6. Small Bouquets

Many brides want to keep the focus on their wedding dress, jewelry, and makeup while they walk down the aisle. Still, flowers are extremely important when completing the ensemble. These women may want small bouquets that serve as accessories rather than the main eye-catching feature of their outfits.

You can create petite arrangements with any number of flowers. Orchids, roses, carnations, marigolds, and lilies are all solid choices.

Purchase some beautiful ribbons and accent paper from a quality wholesale floral supplies retailer. Pair them with bouquets based on the color and shape of the flowers inside them. Wrapping a simple blue ribbon around five to seven orchids is a great way to create an eye-catching petite arrangement.

Smaller arrangements can also be petite versions of regular bouquets. Prop up tiny flowers like pansies, daisies, lobelia, and lily of the valley in Oasis foam. The brides you sell to can easily carry them in one or both hands.

7. Multiple Shapes and Textures

No matter what size wedding bouquet a bride wants, you can create a great arrangement by mixing multiple colors, shapes, and textures. Soft blooms like carnations and marigolds look great when paired with spiky flowers like lupines.

Glossy foliage and creeping vines also pair well with these arrangements for some added texture. The idea is to add visual appeal with both smooth and textured elements for a holistically attractive bouquet.

Start Making Wedding Flower Arrangements With Wholesale Supplies

Now that you know some beautiful wedding flower arrangements that your shop should offer, it's time to begin making gorgeous and unique bouquets. The Florist Supply Shop is committed to ensuring that you have all the supplies necessary to make one-of-a-kind long-lasting arrangements.

Our shop carries a wide range of utility products, carry-out, wrappings, picks, and elegant display items that you can use to transform every arrangement. Sign up for our SMS notifications to get 10% off your next order (and other exclusive discounts in the future.)

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