Flowers are one of the most popular gifts in the country, with 92% of women saying the best reason to receive them is just because. That means flowers aren't just for special occasions. They are also used for everyday expressions of love, gratitude, and friendship.

This makes having a variety of beautiful and fresh flowers to offer your customers incredibly important. But floral shops also need the right accessories, like flower boxes, to make arrangements stand out.

Keep reading to learn more about wholesale flower boxes for floral boxes. We cover everything from their benefits to choosing the right supplier.

Enjoy the Benefits of Wholesale Flower Boxes

Buying wholesale is a great option for many flower shop owners. From cost savings to customization options, below are a few reasons to invest in wholesale flower boxes.

Cost Savings

Buying wholesale flower boxes can save you money compared to purchasing individual boxes at retail prices. When you buy in bulk, you can enjoy discounts and lower your overall costs. Plus, you'll have a steady supply of boxes on hand, so you won't need to worry about running out or making last-minute trips to the craft store.


Wholesale flower boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your flower arrangements. You can choose from square, round, or rectangle boxes, and even select specialty boxes with built-in water reservoirs for cascading bouquets. This means you can create beautiful arrangements without worrying about the logistics of finding the right box.


Wholesale flower boxes are made from high-quality materials that ensure your flowers stay fresh and protected. They're designed to withstand the rigors of handling and transportation. This keeps your creations safe and secure, ensuring your customers get them in pristine condition.


Many wholesale flower box suppliers offer custom printing options, allowing you to personalize your boxes with your logo or brand name. This adds a professional touch to your presentations and reinforces your brand identity. It's a small detail that makes a big impact on your customers.

Types of Bouquets and Their Box Needs

There are many types of bouquets that you can offer to your customers, depending on the occasion, season, style, and budget. Each type of bouquet has its own box needs, depending on the size, shape, and arrangement of the flowers. Here are some examples:

Hand-Tied Bouquets

These are tied together with a ribbon or a string, without any additional wrapping or container. They are popular for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. They require simple and elegant boxes that can fit the stems and provide support for the flowers.

Wrapped Bouquets

These are wrapped in paper, cellophane, or fabric, creating a cone-shaped package. They are suitable for casual occasions, such as thank-you gifts, get-well-soon wishes, or just-because gestures. Look for sturdy and colorful boxes that can hold the wrapping and prevent it from tearing or wrinkling.

Basket Bouquets

These bouquets are arranged in a basket or a container with a handle, making them easy to carry and display. They are ideal for housewarming parties, sympathy expressions, or corporate events. Spacious and attractive boxes that can accommodate the basket and its contents are key.

Arrangements in Vases

Choose sturdy boxes specifically designed for transporting vase arrangements. These boxes typically have additional support features, such as internal compartments or dividers, to keep the vase stable and upright.

Cascade Bouquets

These arrangements feature a trailing or flowing shape and are often held by a handle or a frame. Consider specialized boxes with built-in water reservoirs. This can keep the flowers hydrated while preventing shifting in transit.

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Flower Boxes

Choosing the right wholesale flower boxes for your flower shop is not only about finding the best price and quality. You also need to consider some factors that will affect your customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are some factors to consider before placing your next shipment of flower arrangement accessories

Target Market

Who are your customers? What are their preferences, tastes, and expectations? What kind of occasions do they buy flowers for? How much do they spend on average? These questions will help you determine what kind of flower boxes will appeal to them and meet their needs.


The color of your flower boxes should complement the colors of your flower arrangements. If you primarily work with brightly-colored blooms, opt for boxes in bold, eye-catching hues. For more subtle arrangements, stick to neutral tones like white, black, or gray.

Branding & Personalization

What is your shop's name, logo, slogan, color scheme, and style? How do you want to differentiate yourself from other floral shops? How do you want to communicate your values and mission?

These questions will help you decide what kind of flower boxes will represent your brand identity and create a lasting impression.

In addition to branding, consider adding a personal touch to your flower boxes. A handwritten note or a small gift can make the recipient feel special and appreciated. This extra effort demonstrates your commitment to providing exceptional service and enhancing the overall experience for your customers.

Available Storage

Space How much space do you have in your shop for storing your flower boxes? How often do you need to reorder them? How easy is it to access them when you need them? These questions will help you choose what size, shape, quantity, and frequency of delivery for your flower boxes.




Wholesale flower boxes are typically made from paper, cardboard, or plastic. Each material has its own set of benefits, so choose the one that best suits your needs. Paper boxes are the most popular since they're lightweight, affordable, and biodegradable. They're ideal for delicate flower arrangements and can be printed with custom designs. Cardboard boxes are sturdier than paper boxes and offer excellent protection for your flowers. They're also eco-friendly and can be recycled. The Florist Supply Shop: Your One-Stop Shop for Flower Shop Supplies If you're looking for a reliable wholesale flower supplier, look no further than The Florist Supply Shop by Decowraps. We offer premium supplies to ensure your business stands out. From vases and containers to wrapping solutions, we've got it all.

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