In 2022, the U.S. Cut Flowers Market has a worth of $9,206.39 million. By 2028, this number is expected to reach $12,771.94 million. 

Fresh flowers have a way of brightening someone's day or making their special occasion truly memorable. Those who receive flowers as gifts even demonstrate a profound scientific reaction of happiness and pure joy.

As a flower shop owner, it's your job to deliver these smiles to your customers in the form of floral arrangements. But you also want to save money when you buy flowers and floral supplies. That's the beauty of wholesale flowers. 

Wholesale flowers are still gorgeous fresh flowers, only they come directly from wholesalers and growers. You can buy wholesale flowers in larger quantities for a better price. Wholesalers typically do not sell to the general public, they only work with flower shop businesses.

If you're looking for ways to save money for your flower shop when you buy flowers, buying wholesale flowers is the way to go. Keep reading below for tips on how to buy wholesale. 

Make a List of the Specific Flowers You're Looking For

First things first, you need to know what fresh flowers you want to stock in your flower shop. This can help you streamline the process when you go to order flowers. You should also make a list of any floral supplies you need to stock up on as well. 

Research the latest flower trends to find out what's popular for floral design and special occasions like weddings. This can give you a competitive edge when buying your wholesale flowers.

The Netherlands produces around 90% of the tulip supply for the rest of the world, while the biggest roses come from Ecuador. Having a varied supply of different floral options on hand for your customers will make your flower shop business boom and bloom.

Search for a Nearby Wholesale Distributor Online

If you're new to a particular city where you've opened your flower shop and don't know the surrounding area, you may not be aware of the location of any place where you can buy wholesale flowers. A simple Google search can help remedy this. 

Google allows you to search for specific criteria for local businesses. Simply type in a search term like "wholesale flowers near me" if you have location tracking turned on within your phone or computer settings. Google will automatically display search information relevant to your area.

If you don't have location tracking turned on, you can enable it under your browser settings. Otherwise, you can further specify your search terms like "wholesale flowers in Chicago" or input a zip code. 

Visit a Local Flower Market

A flower market is not just a term for a typical grocery store setup. It is a large marketplace for buying wholesale flowers from the growers, vendors, and resellers directly. You can view and buy flowers on the spot the same day or have them delivered. 

For example, the Los Angeles Flower District in Downtown L.A. is one of the largest flower markets in Southern California. It is home to over 200 wholesale flower dealers spread out over 6 blocks. On any given day, 50 vendors display their fresh wholesale flowers for purchase. 

These flower markets cater specifically to flower shops and event planners. They may also offer memberships for a small fee that can get you wholesale pricing even if you're not a licensed flower shop owner.

Find an Online Distributor of Wholesale Flowers

If you don't live in an area close enough to visit a whole flower distributor or flower market directly, there are other ways to order flowers. With advances in the internet also comes the ability to shop online, even for wholesale flowers. Online distributors are there to meet the needs of flower shops near or far.

Find the flowers you want by searching or browsing through their online catalog. Create an account and input your flower shop information and license number, if required. Check out and pay for your order like any online purchase.

The online distributor receives and fulfills your order. They'll deliver the flower types and quantities you need to your shop. You can also order necessary floral supplies like vases, decorative picks, and more.

Check with Bulk Membership Warehouse Stores 

Larger wholesale warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's Club are known for their ability to offer bulk goods and services at wholesale prices. They may also offer additional wholesale pricing options to members who are licensed business owners of a floral shop. These stores have their own connections for distributors of wholesale flowers as well. 

Establish a good rapport with store management. This can get you favorable discounts and first dibs on the best flower shipments. The stores may also offer access to a special wholesaler site where you can buy bulbs, seeds, floral tools, and other flower shop supplies.

An annual membership can cost between $60-$120 but you may be able to get special pricing offers throughout the year.

Go Directly to Local Growers

If you're really looking to cut costs on fresh flowers, go directly to the source, the flower growers themselves. You may be able to strike up a deal with local growers if you work with them to buy flowers directly.

Not only will you be receiving the highest quality flowers possible, but you'll also save money by cutting out a lot of the unnecessary middleman aspects that can drive up the costs of fresh flowers. It's an unorthodox approach, but if you're a new flower shop business looking to save money on wholesale flowers, it could be worth your while.

Local growers are hard-working business owners too. They understand what it means to scrimp and save, so they might be more amenable to offering a discount for the prospect of a long-term business partnership.  

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